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The web has been round for a number of many years, and in that point, conversation has and continues to conform. From AIM to Instagram’s Notes, there are lots of other ways to connect to folks on-line. 
When messaging with any person, they could also be fast and to-the-point. And occasionally, chances are you’ll come throughout an acronym you are unfamiliar with. 
We are right here to lend a hand. Here’s a rundown of texting acronyms, corresponding to “tbh” and “idk.” 
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“TBH” is a casual abbreviation for “to be honest,” in keeping with Merriam-Webster. 
The time period, ceaselessly spelled out in lowercase, is one of the acronyms utilized in texting, social media and amongst different portions of virtual tradition. 
It may be utilized in some ways, corresponding to to confess one thing, categorical an opinion or to make a remark. 
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Listed here are some examples of use “tbh”: 
Idk is an abbreviation that implies “I don’t know.” It may be utilized in any scenario, whether or not you might be perplexed, undecided or dejected.
Some examples of use idk are: 
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