What is an aortic aneurysm? Can it be treated? – The Washington Post

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Aortic aneurysms are steadily referred to as “a silent killer,” as a result of many of us aren’t conscious they have got them till the aneurysms tear or rupture, steadily leading to demise.
That used to be it appears the case with journalist Grant Wahl, 49, who collapsed in his seat Friday whilst overlaying the World Cup quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands in Lusail, Qatar.
Wahl’s spouse, Céline Gounder, a health care provider, stated that an post-mortem showed that her husband died “from the rupture of a slowly rising, undetected ascending aortic aneurysm.”
The situation “is solely a type of issues that have been most likely brewing for years,” Gounder stated. “For no matter explanation why, it came about at this day and age.”
The Washington Put up spoke to mavens about aortic aneurysms — about who’s in peril, whether or not they are able to be detected via screening and the way they’re handled. Right here’s what they needed to say.
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